NAME: Will, Kat, Austin, and Nick.

AGE: 18–43.

FROM: NYC and Vancouver.

OCCUPATION: Guitarist. Substitute teacher.

HOBBIES: Video games, marijuana, guitar tablature, other hobbies you’d expect from the subject of a Lana Del Rey song.

LAST BOOK YOU READ: Catfish in America. The Startup Wife. The Squares of the City. Love and Kindness. The Bell Jar.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Single-handedly saving DIY, successfully destroying Spotify, getting to the venue.

QUOTE: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” –Wayne Gretzky, Professional Hockey Player.

PROFILE: Take the Swirlies, add some Smashing Pumpkins, dose it in hardcore punk DIY ethos, and you get Hotline TNT. (And also, we guess, the Swirlies.) With heaps of DIY spirit and a primitivist execution of a maximalist sound, Hotline TNT is a beautiful brick flying through the plate glass window of late stage capitalism… and our hearts. Like My Bloody Valentine on Tinder, swiping left on the music industry.

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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