Each month, American hardcore punk historian Tony Rettman will tell you about some new old shit to buy. Like talking to your friend at the bar, but your friend has much better and more interesting taste than you.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant uptick in music being reissued, repackaged, and reevaluated. Parallel with this phenomenon, we’ve seen music history revised in order to turn a profit.

Whether it’s the endless parade of unneeded anniversary editions or music media outlets earning a commission for giving the thumbs-up to re-ups of third-rate emo bands from the ’90s, it all results in one big festering pile of uninspired, uninformed horseshit. But if you shine a light bright enough, you’re sure to find intriguing and undiscovered artifacts among the muck; music that legitimately requires a second listen due to its historical significance. Or, you know, merely for the reason that it rocks and demands your attention.

The Stonemen album cover
The album artwork for the Stonemen's 'Faded Colors/In The Evening' 45 Reissue.


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