Any book covering Detroit punk ’n’ roll over the past 30 years would have Timmy Vulgar rubbing his boogers all over the pages. Unreconstructed, seemingly an insane person’s drawing of a rabid space ape come to life, Timmy has fronted four iconic bands (the Epileptix, the Clone Defects, Human Eye, and Timmy’s Organism). Timmy’s Organism released their sixth full-length, Lone Lizard, this year on Sweet Time Records. Beyond that he is a visual artist, a chef, and both the biggest booster and occasional thorn in the side of Detroit music. Let’s jaw with him.

First off, where are you from originally? Where did music first grab you?

I grew up all over, and my folks moved around a lot. Mostly in Michigan, but we did live in Arizona, too. My older brothers Paul and Joe got me into metal and rock. I really loved Bark at the Moon by Ozzy in first grade. Then when we got to Arizona it all changed toward punk before I was 13 or so. We lived in Arizona for five years, where I got into skateboarding, punk, and “postmodern” rock! [Laughs] I passed puberty in the desert while catching lizards, deadly scorpions, and black widows. It was in about third or fourth grade that my brother Paul showed me the Boneless Ones, a hardcore skate punk band. I remember the speed of the music taking me like a tidal wave. I was sidewalk surfing on the 180-degree, fry-an-egg asphalt! WHOOOOOAH! I fell in love.


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