For all musicians, taste begins with smell.

As a child, you sit proximal to whatever is being cooked, and the aroma either allures or repels you. It is entirely invasive, and often what begins in childhood is translated into adulthood. For Kora and Aaron Puckett, taste evolved over time and, as with many of us, branched out in myriad ways, often reflecting the beginnings from which the two brothers sprang.

Goshen is a small, far-northern city at the edge of Indiana (two hours from Chicago), nearly 18 square miles, with approximately 35,000 people. Being from a small town, one is inundated by that specific pull of culture. Regions of America inhabited by Elks Lodges and farms— rural, open areas. Kora and Aaron’s earliest notions of music were songs of worship: Western Christian guitar/ piano music, heavily indebted to early forms of hymns and meant to be performed in churches.

Stylistically, the brothers found their niche in both mainstream and more aggressive forms of music. While Kora leaned toward metal genres, Aaron found appeal in poppier versions of punk. Being three years apart can create an imposing gulch in terms of sound, scenes, and people. Kora, the older of the two, was the champion of taste, introducing Aaron to more subversive bands of the underground. Yet the foundation remains: the Beatles’ 1, a compilation of nearly every hit single by the British quartet, played in the family vehicle—long drives, short drives—in constant circulation.


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