This week's Rock-A-Ramas were written by Fred Pessaro, Zachary Lipez, Grace Scott, Maria Sherman, and Dave Carnie.

Megadeth, The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead
Remember Rust in Peace? Peace Sells? Those records slapppppp. This sounds like a man "who's not an alcoholic because he only drinks red wine" making an album to dupe fans into paying his back taxes. I bet he hates that Metallica gets mentioned in every Megadeth article ever. Like this one.—F.P.

Maxim Mental, Maxim Mental in Maximalism
Maxim Mental’s Maxim Mental in Maximalism is the solo project of Max Bemis (of Say Anything, a band whose legacy depends solely on whether or not you were old enough to recognize that their most popular hit, “Alive With the Glory of Love” is a tone-deaf little ditty on the holocaust. I am “I love that song” years young.) The album has a “​​tendency to examine mental health through an almost fun, weirdly sexy lens,” says Bemis, but it is also about a guy who loves the sound of his own name. As the old maxim goes: maxim bo-axim, mental maximum maxi pad in maximalism. To the Max!—M.S.

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Vomit Forth, Seething Malevolence
Most death metal sounds like it was written by some fucking dork that is more interested in Zappa than Dismember. If I wanted a guitar lesson I'd go to literally anyone else, maybe even my old teacher who forced me to use a Spanish style acoustic. This shit goes, though.—F.P.

Ornament, Rock Solid
My favorite Nashville rockers have released a new, full-length LP that snaps, crackles, and pops! These songs are fun and sweet, like the perfect summertime crush. “I’ll sleep all day, to see her all night,” sings Will Mann on a love song to—who else—the moon! Hooks are cleverly crafted by this duo, rounded out by Ryan Donoho. Cars meets Harry Nilsson meets solo Faces and McCartney sweetness. How come these guys weren’t opening for Steely Dan at Jones Beach last week? That would have been a good time.—G.S.

The album cover of Delicate Steve's 'AFTER HOURS,' just upside down.
Courtesy ANTI- Records
It's Delicate Steve upside down, get it? Annoying, right?


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