Cover of CREEM Winter 2022 featuring original artwork by Jeremy Dean

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Our Winter 2022 collaborator is graphic artist Jeremy Dean a/k/a @deansnuts. Notorious for his Wonders of Black Flag tees mashing up iconography from Black Flag and the Grateful Dead, you’ve no doubt seen his punk-zine inspired designs for bands like The Rolling Stones, Ceremony, and Circle Jerks. Now, he’s slumming it with CREEM for the cover of our second issue and a limited edition capsule.

“I have a love for old zines and that sort of photocopied and degraded look, and I try to pay tribute to it in my work. We live in a world where everyone has a professional camera. I think maybe my art is a reaction to that. When you get down to it, I like it when someone’s art is imperfect, messy, and even a little fucked up.” Well, Jeremy, you’re definitely in the right place.


When Henry Met Joe... layout

When Henry Met Joe...

In the DIY ethos of Roganism, all roads lead back to Rollins. Read this feature from our Winter 2022 issue by Michael Friedrich.

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