CREEM #002


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Winter 2022

We made a Number Two.

  • Cover art by Jeremy Dean
  • 10”x14”
  • 128+ pages

CREEM #002 is no longer available.
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  • Original cover art by punk-inspired designer Jeremy Dean
  • Melissa Auf der Maur's secret Smashing Pumpkins diary
  • The final days of David Berman
  • The undeniable horniness of playing music with someone, plus CREEM staff rates rock couples
  • The science of bad music
  • The (unfortunate) rise of rockstar CEOs
  • How the CIA stole $5 million from Creedence Clearwater Revival to bust commies
  • When Henry Rollins met Joe Rogan
  • Justin Borucki’s masterful tintype photography
  • DillyDally, LustSickPuppy, GWAR, and much more

“He may lack Henry Rollins’ weird charisma and certainly lacks his looks—each year Joe Rogan more closely resembles a Virginia country ham—but as with Rollins, Rogan’s rise is bound up with questions of hard work, self-discipline, and authenticity.”

--Michael Friedrich
When Henry Met Joe, Winter 2022


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