It’s been 22 years—well, two decades and one global pandemic—since the release of The Teaches Of Peaches, Peaches’ groundbreaking, brazenly sexual electroclash debut album, best known for birthing the explosively catchy “Fuck The Pain Away,” and she’s as busy as ever. At least, it seems that way: I’ve been trying to track her down for an interview since last spring, journeying to two very different Peaches shows over a three-month period. She’s been touring Teaches on its 20th anniversary, and I’ve been chasing her: first at a short, midday set at Pasadena’s early-2000s revival festival Just Like Heaven back in May, and then at the second of her two back-to-back shows at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood in late August. There, she danced inside a gigantic, blimp-like condom, playfully commanding the crowd to “put your fucking phones down,” and hold her feet above their heads so she could walk across the room. She played her flying-v guitar with pelvic thrusts, and inspired a sea of powerful, sexual, controlled chaos. She fucking ruled.

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I danced. I screamed along. I took in looks of unadulterated happiness on the faces of others in the crowd. I marveled at the many creative ways that boobs and vulvas were incorporated into her career-spanning costumes, how they were expertly lifted on and off her body between songs by a gorgeous troupe of dancers and band members. Peaches shows in 2022 are just as fun and XXX-rated, if not more so, than they were in the early 2000s. And the general theme of sexual and bodily empowerment feels stronger than ever, too. One of her tamer tour costumes was a simple, black bodysuit that says, “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION.” Even in our dystopian post-Roe V. Wade reality, I can say that screaming “ONLY DOUBLE-A, THINKING TRIPLE-X!” in a crowd is a pretty solid way to feel good. If the pursuit of pleasure means it’ll take a few months for Peaches to hop on a fucking Zoom call with me, then hell, who am I to lack patience?

A mulleted Peaches poses in front of a blue backdrop.
You wanna peach of me?


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