CREEM #003


Fan Club Price: $24

Spring 2023

We’ve been naughty...and we need to be punished.

  • Cover art by Foie Graphics
  • 10” x 14”
  • 128+ pages
  • This item is final sale


  • How to party your way into signing Metallica
  • Into the darkness with Weyes Blood
  • Andreia Lemos’ surreal portraits aren’t an LSD flashback, we promise
  • Stricken with a rare disease, Peter Frampton may have played his final tour. Do you feel like we do?
  • Billy Corgan zooms in
  • A musicians’ attempt at understanding Tom Waits and his annoying fans
  • The slippery business of super-fucked-up record covers
  • Botch are back. Let the trolling begin.
  • Remembering Britpop, the genre that was super into remembering stuff
  • Clowncore is more than just the latest trend—it’s a lifestyle

“His work is predominantly enjoyed by washed-up drunks with uncooperative penises who wear top hats in the summer and use 19th-century typewriters as footstools.”

--Hether Fortune
Tom Waits for No One, Spring, 2023


Because if you see one more listicle ranking the best pop songs of the 2000s, you'll gouge your eyes out.

interior layout for CREEM 003