The Lester Bangs Issue


Fan Club Price: $24

Winter 2023

If you know who Lester Bangs is, you need this issue. If you don’t know who Lester Bangs is, you also need this issue.

  • Cover art by Gary Ciccarelli
  • 10” x 14”
  • 128+ pages
  • Limited quantities
  • This item is final sale

Lester Bangs At 75

Lester Bangs is more than a genius, a savant, a beautiful soul, and the north CREEM star in the nighttime CREEM sky: he is also the rock critic that people, gun to their head, can name. In tribute to both his unfettered brilliance, and his name recognition, CREEM is celebrating Bangs in the way that he would appreciate most: hyperbolic praise, borderline slanderous revisionism, and by attempting to sell enough t-shirts riffing on our dead friend to fund a statue of Lou Reed made entirely out of ketamine.

Do we come to praise Lester Bangs? Bury Lester Bangs? Or did we just run out of money for the year and needed to bring in our December issue for under ten grand, and some Lester Bangs hoo-ha seemed the smartest way to do it? (The dead don’t do much, but they do work cheap.) And if it’s the latter, how did Lester Bangs know to plan his 75th birthday at the same time to save our asses yet again?????

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