The No New York, No L.A. Issue


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Spring 2024

We’re writing about your town’s rock scene. Sorry ahead of time for when your rent goes up.

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Boy Howdy! keeps on truckin

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Huey Lewis claims that the heart of rock ’n’ roll is still beating. Like Patrick Bateman, we believe him. If you can’t trust the News, who can you trust? Us. That’s who.

As America’s Only Rock ’N’ Roll Magazine, we put our money (as it is) where our mouth is: Introducing the “No New York, No L.A.” issue. We’re making like Sun Studios and the American buffalo and getting real, real gone. So load up on guns and/or friends, throw a new 9-volt in the Tesla, and rinse out the tour van pee bottles. We’re taking a road trip across the America that hasn’t been gentrified to all hell, yet. Where daddies come in both varieties (leather and denim), where people look at you funny if you say “rock is dead,” and where seltzer is a relatively new addition to rest stop menus. As Stephanie Zinone famously said in the patriotic classic Grease 2, “We are free every day. It’s in the Constitution.” So we’re celebrating the land of the free (or at least somewhat less expensive).

Plus Cardiff, which is kind of the Pittsburgh of Wales.

Interior layout of CREEM's Spring issue

What’s Inside

  • In his final interview, the late Wayne Kramer remembers Detroit punk
  • How five human robots named Devo predicted the intellectual apocalypse
  • Why Metallica had to leave L.A. to make it big
  • The party that saved Pittsburgh
  • Scowl: America’s best young rock band is from Santa Cruz
  • Cruelster’s Cleveland and the return of unpredictable strange punk
  • Will Welsh power trio mclusky’s good intentions finally pay off?
  • Danny Brown talks spitting bars and rock guitars
  • In the 1990s, a burgeoning music scene in Nebraska launched the career of Conor Oberst, among others. Rob Walters shot it all.
  • New bands not to fly over
  • The long-awaited return of CREEM record reviews
  • A cover by Richie Bucher (yeah, the guy who did Dookie)
  • And much more...



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