NAME: Adam Klopp and the Kloppers.

AGE: 13 in dog years.

FROM: Salt Lake Synthy.

OCCUPATION: T-shirt salesman. Professional venue-percentage-for-merch hider.

HOBBIES: Rolling around in the muck, polishing my patch cords, sniffing around for snacks.

LAST BOOK YOU READ: Triggered by Donald Trump Jr., The Bell Jar.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: I read Triggered by Donald Trump Jr. It was ok, but it was no The Bell Jar.

QUOTE: "He could parallel-park a tractor on Wall Street!"

PROFILE: Choir Boy is like every John Hughes soundtrack, including the John Candy ones, condensed into a single band—melodic, memorable, romantic, and bursting at the seams with drama. With references that range from The Church to The Cure, their latest release, Passive with Desire, is everything you could want from an '80s-inflected dream-pop. "Like the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, but with more people pushing more white boxes around."

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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