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A sneak peek at CREEM #01


At 10 x 14”, we’re nice enough for your coffee table, but happiest on the back of your toilet.

128+ pages

The most fun you’ll have reading about music since the last time we wrote about music.


The mag is NOT available on newsstands. Get it here, or not at all. Issue #01 drops Sept. 15.

Cover for CREEM #01 featuring original artwork by Raymond Pettibon

About our first cover

The cover of our first print issue in over 30 years features original artwork by legendary artist and cultural icon Raymond Pettibon. Raymond’s works are cultural markers, and his classic pen-and-ink drawings have been used by some of our favorite artists, such as Black Flag, the Minutemen, Sonic Youth, and Annihilation Time. He’s also done artwork for the Foo Fighters.


Year of the Moon preview

year of the moon

An excerpt from Mods and Rockers, the Who book that will never be.

Stars Cars: Slash preview

stars cars

Sweet child o’ mine, but the cost of filling the tank has skyrocketed! One way to Slash prices, though: wear the same top hat decade after decade.


NOLA punks Special Interest imagine a better future through violence—are you with them?

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