NAME: Katie, David, Shane, Mete, Rob.

AGE: The Irish are immortal.

FROM: Dún Dealgan. It’s pronounced, “You’re American.”

OCCUPATION: Mogwai (the mischievous and water averse hobgoblin, not the band).

HOBBIES: Chess, drugs, and The Legend of Zelda.


LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Maxed out hearts and stamina while finishing The Legend of Zelda. Maxed out hearts and stamina in general.

QUOTE: “What’s happening, kid?”

PROFILE: Dundalk’s Just Mustard are a buffet of the best bits of '90s alt served on a single plate. A little Smashing Pumpkins side, a Mazzy Star maincourse, and some Massive Attack for dessert makes a delicious meal. Also, they're kind of like the Cure, but nothing like The Cure.

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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