NAME: Michael Bingham, Julian Smith, Michael Fenton, Jacob Breeze, and Nate Punty.

AGES: Ages vary enough for every band member to have a different Winona Ryder phase.

FROM: San Francisco, CA., USA.

OCCUPATION: Mod. Ted. Rocker. Skin. Rude boy. Sosh. Townie. Bez.

HOBBIES: Writing Terence Stamp fan-fic. Debating the relative merits of the Cherry Red catalog. Being boys who are back in town.


LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Finishing our screenplay where the mouse (Fievel) from An American Tail and the rat from Ratatouille (Remy) are the rodent leaders of rival Vespa gangs. It’s called either “City Baby Anoraked By Rats” or “Whiskerwall.” Still deciding.

QUOTE: “Dance like the five other guys in the band are watching you.”

PROFILE: This Bay Area collective is a punk-esque, party-ish, hard mod band for hard times. Gang vocals over sped-up Hacienda dance rock, with style to burn, Spiritual Cramp are like if the Shangri-Las lived with Stiff Little Fingers, had to pay San Francisco rents, and got mean(er).

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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