NAME: Marshall, Anthony.

AGE: Four fifteen-year olds in two trenchcoats.

FROM: Epitaph Records HQ, USA.

OCCUPATION: Shoegaze munitionists.

HOBBIES: Calling up Greg Graffin and pretending to be Rich Fulcher describing zoo animals on the Mighty Boosh. Maintaining our anonymous DeviantArt account devoted to Kevin Shields themed (sfw) hentai. Collecting bottle caps.


LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Stole the Silversun Pickups’ tour van, filled up the gas tank, changed the oil, reupholstered the back bench, and returned it.

QUOTE: “I’d rather be teenage wrist than adult rich.”

PROFILE: Teenage Wrist are an Los Angeles alt-rock band, which isn’t typically a designation that inspires too much confidence. But TW, a very much grown-up duo, approach their art with an eye towards sophisticated songcraft and bursting expressions of young-adult angst in equal measure. Smart as heck, but not showy about their intelligence, the band uses shoegaze and emo to smooth out the bitter-pop moves underneath. It’s candied and sad—sugar all the way down.

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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