NAME: All of us are named "Toner."

AGES: Toner (28). Toner (32). Toner (27). Toner (31).

FROM: Oakland, CA., USA.

OCCUPATION: We discovered the alchemical formula for transmuting cigarettes, Instagram likes, and strands of J Mascis’ hair (we have a guy) into gold. So we don’t have to work.

HOBBIES: Correcting well meaning elderly people who suggest that we are influenced by, or have ever even heard, any recorded music that came out before the release of Duster’s world-changing 1997 debut 7”, Transmission, Flux.


LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Guessed the band's weight in puppies (seventeen puppies).

QUOTE: “It would be Toner if you did.”

PROFILE: From their humble beginnings as a Tony Molina offshoot solo project to their current existence as a feral pack of worldbeaters, Toner have gone from slowcore to whoa!-core in less than a decade. Their most recent album, the gorgeous White Buffalo Roam, is a melancholic road trip, running hot on blissed-out momentum and jaggedly graceful runs of daydream melody.

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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