Heavy metal will never die, which makes sifting through new metal records feel like everlasting torment. Luckily, Andy O’Connor will guide your lost souls to the best metal every month. When the punishers call, you’ll know how to answer.

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Terminal Nation / Kruelty, The Ruination Of Imperialism
Mixing hardcore and death metal can be a touchy subject, with compelling arguments for the marriage (breakdowns are hard as hell, energetic crowds are cool) and against it (you can only rip off Mortician so much, varsity lettering sucks). Two shining examples “for” are Little Rock’s Terminal Nation and Tokyo’s Kruelty. They come together on The Ruination of Imperialism, a surprise split earlier this month from 20 Buck Spin Records. Terminal Nation can ride a goddamn groove, which is as much an homage to World Demise-era Obituary as it is recognition that Louisiana is just one state over. Kruelty’s approach is more death-doom; dragging out their beatdowns gives them the edge for harder breakdowns. They both slam, so they both win. Each band’s vocalist also appears on a track of the other’s as well, with Terminal Nation’s Stan Liszewski contributing to “Under Your Pressure,” and Kruelty’s Tatami guesting on “Sacrificial Capital.”

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