We’ve partnered with some of our favorite websites to bring you each scene’s best upcoming bands, diving beneath the surface to give you a glimpse of tomorrow. In this monthly check-in with our friends at No Echo, we get the scoop on names like Candy, Stockholm’s Vidro, Australia’s SPEED, and so much more.

May was hot and heavy in the hardcore world, with the current wave bringing the goods. Bay Area bruisers Sunami are whetting the appetite with a vicious three-song promo for their upcoming LP with Triple B Records. Meanwhile, the forthcoming debut EP by Rochester, N.Y.’s Only Shallow finds the band mainlining goth punk atmospherics into their hardcore.

Candy surprise-dropped an absolute tooth-gnasher from their forthcoming sophomore album. Budapest’s Touch reminded me how fucking underrated they are via a new single.

Scowl opened for Limp Bizkit at Madison fucking Square Garden! Fronted by magnetic vocalist Kat Moss, the California hardcore crew has crossover potential, especially if they lean into the more melodic side of their attack, like they did so deliciously on “Seeds to Sow” from their How Flowers Grow album.

America’s premier hardcore festival Sound and Fury revealed most of its two-day lineup. Among the bands appearing this July 30 and 31 at L.A.’s Exposition Park are Mindforce, Gulch, Militarie Gun, Praise, and Drain. Where most other high-profile music fests in the States relegate hardcore to side-stage curiosity status, Terror guitarist Martin Stewart is one of Sound and Fury’s bookers, ensuring the bands performing get the shine they justly deserve.

Stockholm’s Vidro got my attention with Glöd, a ripper of an album that is stylistically rooted in classic Swedish crust but not afraid to veer into garage punk territory. French straight-edgers Iron Deficiency announced their signing to Patient Zero Records with a scorcher called “On the Edge,” a track that takes aim at vinyl collectors who pay thousands of dollars for “unlistenable” hardcore records.

Recorded on a four-track machine, Living World’s latest EP sounds as ugly as the social and political atrocities its lyrics are rallying against. NYC miscreants Sørdïd have blessed us with a demo stuffed with scummy D-beat, which is fitting since they’re on a label called Roachleg Records.

From where I’m sitting, Australia’s SPEED are quickly becoming one of the most popular newer bands in the hardcore scene. Their new clip for “Not That Nice” brings the same type of street-approved macho nuttiness that in the early ’90s secured Biohazard’s “Punishment” its place in the Hardcore Music Video Hall of Fame (that’s not really a thing, but it should be).

While Amyl and the Sniffers might be the current press darlings, Australia’s punk legacy goes back to the ’70s with such influential bands as the Saints and Celibate Rifles. Don’t get it twisted.

In terms of the current state of Down Under hardcore, modern-day Aussie groups you need to check out include the sci-fi-kissed racket of Hacker, AWOL’s NYHC-obsessed stompcore, Latest God’s close-your-eyes-and-you’d-think-it-was-1988-again take on melodic hardcore, and Nerve Damage, whose vocalist Shaun Allen told me in a recent No Echo feature, “Now is the time for everyone to start a band. Put three chords together with some friends and get it moving.” Amen to that, mate.

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