Sometimes, Forever, the third LP by Soccer Mommy, (a musician who is neither a soccer athlete nor a mommy) is expansive, obsessive, uneven, yet thoroughly enjoyable (so, exactly like a Soccer It may also make you want to check in on Sophie Allison, the 25-year-old musician behind the moniker, because each of the 11 tracks plays out like a person exorcizing their demons. And she’s got a lot of them.

Love, expression, depression, fire, blood, guns, knives, it’s all there, alternatingly lush and spare, but with questions left unresolved. Like, does anything even matter? Is Mommy okay?

Does anything even matter? Is Mommy okay?

After the mournful opener “Bones,” moody, reverbed disaffection takes over on “With U,” a song as humid as a summer evening… after soccer practice. I can only assume the title is a reference to the absolute confection that is Jessica Simpson’s 2003 hit “With You,” subsequently covered by Waxahatchee for HBO’s Girls. Unfortunately, the Simpson track unironically bangs, and it’s better than Mommy’s original.


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