On a very cold and rainy Sunday afternoon in December, Tchotchke and I are ordering the sort of unconventional 3 p.m. “lunch” one can only get at a kosher diner where the three meals of the day are mashed into one menu. For Anastasia Sanchez (vocals, drums), a tuna melt; for Emily Tooraen (guitar), mushroom barley soup; and for Eva León Chambers (bass), the challah french toast. “This is so our personalities so far,” Eva says.

How so?

“I’m addicted to sugary, cakey, unhealthy food. That’s kind of all I ever order, ” Eva says, a white fur hat neatly affixed atop shaggy long hair. “And Emily’s always so health- conscious. And Anastasia will get something, like, stinky.”

I order a blueberry blintz. “That’s so you,” Eva jokes.


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