5 Reasons Not To Read the New CREEM Magazine

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1. You think rock is dead

Think good music died in the 70s? This may not be the magazine for you.

Rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well. And it deserves better coverage. From 1969-1989, CREEM broke barriers, rattled cages, and connected fans to music in a way that has never been replicated. Now CREEM is back as an independently run music magazine.

Good music never went away. It just got harder to find. CREEM makes it easier.

2. You think print is dead

Wrong again. A good print rag is undeniable.

This isn’t the CREEM your hesher uncle got at the grocery store for $1.99 in 1977. Oversized at 10 x 14” and packed with 128+ pages of stories, interviews, comics, and more—we’ve upgraded from the back of your toilet seat to your coffee table.

Each quarterly issue is an immersive and highly-collectible experience that you’ll be coming back to for years. But it’s not available on newsstands. Get it here or not at all.

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3. You love reading press releases copied and pasted by an unpaid intern

It works for digital media conglomerates, but that’s not CREEM.

We’re returning the focus of music journalism back where it belongs — on the fans. We don’t work for publicists, we work for you.

In a world of sanitized music coverage, the CREEM voice stands alone: impeccable music taste, a wicked sense of humor, and a low tolerance for bullshit. Don’t read another dumb internet listicle. Read CREEM instead.

4. You prefer rock magazines that put celebrity pop stars and reality TV personalities on the cover

CREEM is America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine. We cover all genres and eras of the music that melts your face and gets you laid. It won’t be all guitars all the time, but there will be a lot of guitars.

This isn’t a lazy nostalgia play. Sure, you’ll see some familiar faces, but we’re also here to champion new discoveries and everything in between. It’s big tent rock ‘n’ roll, and everyone is welcome.

5. You take this shit way too seriously

Think that reading about music should feel like homework for an overpriced liberal arts degree? That’s cool. But if you want to have fun reading about music again, then read CREEM.

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