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Created in collaboration with Dad Grass, the finest purveyors of high quality, low potency, always dependable and federally-legal weed products that serve up a clean buzz without the fuss.


We’ve partnered with Dad Grass for the latest evolution of their revolutionary grass stashin’ solutions. A beer can with a lid that screws off so you can hide your weed in plain sight. But it’s not just any beer can. It’s a remake of the most iconic fake beer in rock ‘n’ roll that never was. Featuring a slightly stoney version of the CREEM mascot and symbol of the rock underground, Boy Howdy!, an original R. Crumb creation.

Low Dose, Full Toke, Like Your Parents Used To Smoke
Dad Grass is reviving the mellow sensibility of the casual smoke. Their 100% Organic hemp flower, pre rolled joints, tinctures and gummies serve up a clean buzz without the fuss. Their special collections of merch and apparel pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. Past, present and future. Like your dad’s stash, They keep things easy and dependable, never fancy or complicated. The best part? All Dad Grass products are federally legal and ship straight to your door via USPS.

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