This week’s Rock-a-Ramas were written by Fred Pessaro, Zachary Lipez, Grace Scott, Maria Sherman, and Joe Sicilio.

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Chat Pile, God’s Country
That whole expression about a book and its cover, that shit is true. I judge things by their title constantly. At first, I thought that the name “Chat Pile” sounded like a direct descendent of 4Chan or an app where 14-year-old girls would meet to discuss makeup techniques. But the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like an app where grown men would go to discuss 14-year-old girls. And if that’s real, then “Chat Pile” must be the most fucked up name of all time.

Also, if Amphetamine-Reptile Records bands ACTUALLY took a note from early Swans and had modern elements like black metal, hardcore vocals, and industrial, they’d sound like this. In other wordsfucked up. Maybe snap judgements aren’t so wrong after all.—F.P.

Emily Yacina, All the Things
That was pretty...Woof. Yikes. Here’s something good: This is some "understated" and "meditative" folk-y indie-pop so gorgeous I can't even resent that Emily Yacina is "New York-based." The classic rockers reading this will likely hate the album after a five-second listen, but hey, that's fine. I'm getting paid to type this, so, joke's on you! What else do you want?—M.S.

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