In the decade since Turnstile—a Carhartt-dripped five-piece hardcore-dance-punk band, the perfect lovechild of 311 and Bad Brains—emerged from the Baltimore DIY scene, they’ve steadily made their way to the top of the buzz band heap, as evidenced by this year’s widely sold-out five-band headlining tour with Citizen, Ceremony, Ekulu, and Truth Cult. What makes Turnstile an interesting phenomenon is not just that they are a good band—which they are—but that they are a quintessentially cool band, occupying a unique intersection of punk, streetwear and skateboarding subcultures, in some ways making them the quintessentially cool band.

Two months ago, the band posted a carousel of film photos of fans sporting their merch encaptioned “T.L.C. Runway” on Instagram. I was intrigued. I dug deep into the world of their resale market, where I found that Turnstile merchandise sells at a unique mark-up—even for items still available for sale on their own website.

A screenshot of Turnstile's pink 'GLOW ON' hoodie available for purchase on their webstore.
Image from Turnstile's Web Store
A sensibly priced hoodie that won't leave you feeling blue.

For example, the pink GLOW ON hoodie, named after their critically acclaimed 2021 album, is available for $50 through Turnstile’s official webstore. It also sells for as much as $250 on Depop, the peer-to-peer digital resale platform—a 400% mark-up.

The GLOW ON tote bag, which is unavailable on the website but a friend told me she got it for $30-ish at a gig, goes for $80 on Depop and $120 on eBay.


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