Welcome to Left Speaker/Right Speaker, where the smartest music heads we know debate the biggest trends in guitar music. If you can even call it that. In our inaugural edition, we’re questioning everyone’s boner for all those Sprechgesang new-wave post-punk fish-and-chip-poppers coming out of the U.K. and Ireland right now. You know the type: Black Midi, Yard Act, Shame, Dry Cleaning, Wet Leg, Fontaines D.C., Idles, Squid, Black Country, New Road—and we didn’t even make any of those up.

So, is the post-punk revival…revival cause for celebration? Or is the average person simply horny for guitars again? Haven’t they heard of Turnstile? Let’s meet our judges.

Today’s pro: Ashley Reese, professional Shame fan and self-described Anglophile who may or may not have made Skins (U.K., the show, not the ’heads) her entire personality at one point in time. Part-time music journalist who is better than every full-time one.

And con: Ahmad Zaghal, who thinks everyone should shut the fuck up and listen to the Fall. The DMV’s favorite music fan. He’s not a curmudgeon, he just plays one on TV (the Twitterverse.)


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