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For the dad who introduced you to the Rolling Stones, and your crippling problem with emotional intimacy.

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For the mom who gave you her copy of Court and Spark, along with a pretty significant anxiety disorder.

CREEM #001 and an Original Boy Howdy! T-Shirt in White

CREEM’s Back Gift Pack


Fan Club Price: $40


For the cousin whose favorite Van Halen song is “Ice Cream Man” for some reason.



For your gen-z niece who dressed up as the cover of Live Through This for Halloween after she saw it in a “Cool Girl Halloween Costumes” tiktok.


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For your friend from college that blacked out at the MGMT concert, and threw up on your shoes after yelling at the people in front of you to “stop being so tall,” and you were kind of worried that they were going to turn around and try to fight you but they didn’t and then you all screamed along to “Electric Feel” and it was ok. But when you went to the parking lot you couldn’t find your car because this friend was in charge of remembering where you parked, so you took a cab home, and then you realized when you got home that you left your wallet in the cab so you just went to bed, and then the next day this friend got your wallet back and went and picked up the car because they felt bad for throwing up on your shoes.



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