The Lemon Twigs (a.k.a. Michael and Brian D’Addario) take the truism “They don’t write ’em like that anymore” as a direct challenge. Not only does the glam-ballad sibling act write songs that boomers can cry over, but the duo make ’em sound so fresh and modern that a new generation of frantic, sad-eyed romantics can have their own soundtrack to staying up all night without having to raid their thrice-divorced uncle’s record collection.

Given the Twigs’ ability to strike the perfect balance between dirty-sweet and doing it clean, CREEM wasn’t remotely surprised to run into the band at our local Laundromat, where the brothers weren’t even doing their own laundry: They were being paid, in coy smiles and bright shiny nickels, just to run their hands through other patrons’ undergarments.

And those bubbles? Not even part of the photo shoot. They’re always there, following the Lemon Twigs around like angels.


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