Jeremy Dean + CREEM

Inspired by punk zines and flyers in all their shitty copy machine glory, graphic designer Jeremy Dean a/k/a @deansnuts made us the cover for our second issue and some clothes to wear while reading it.

Jeremy Dean for CREEM

Our Winter 2022 collaborator is graphic artist Jeremy Dean a/k/a @deansnuts.  Notorious for his Wonders of Black Flag tees mashing up iconography from Black Flag and the Grateful Dead, you’ve no doubt also seen his punk-zine inspired designs for bands like The Rolling Stones, Ceremony, and Circle Jerks. Now, he’s slumming it with CREEM on a limited edition capsule. “I have a love for old zines and that sort of photocopied and degraded look, and I try to pay tribute to it in my work. We live in a world where everyone has a professional camera. I think maybe my art is a reaction to that. When you get down to it, I like it when someone’s art is imperfect, messy, and even a little fucked up.”

Well, Jeremy, you’re definitely in the right place.


CREEM Goes Glam T-Shirt


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Boy Howdy!

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CREEM #004

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