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San Jose, CA
Inspired by midtempo ’90s hardcore hatred, this crew with only a few demos to their name are bound to cause a few broken bones and hurt feelings at Exposition Park.

Wilkes-Barre, PA
Remember Bi-Onyx, when Biohazard and Onyx got together and did some shows? This is basically the band form of that but way sicker and with better merch.

Cold World at Sound & Fury
Cold World at Sound & Fury. Photo by Angela Owens.

Los Angeles, CA
It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Shaun Durkan (Weekend) apart from behind the desk, though he’s definitely lent his skills as a performer and a producer to countless others in the past decade-plus. His latest band is a dream pop /indie from Bre Morell (Temple of Angels) and it’s as ethereal and great as you’d think.

Los Angeles, CA
L.A. hardcore/crossover staples have the riffs and breakdowns necessary for NATO intervention but unfortunately are NOT named after the classic Joe Piscopo/Treat Williams zombie-buddy-cop thriller of the same name. OR ARE THEY?

Portland, OR
Featuring the death-cry vocals of Emma Boster, Dying Wish are decidedly more metal than core, leaning into influences like At the Gates and Napalm Death in addition to nodding at Converge and the like.

Sacramento, CA
Their logo is a clear nod to Darkside NYC, and their sound is nothing short of a tribute to some of the more brutal ’90s metalcore that sprung from the era. Dum-dum shit that will either make you run to the pit or sprint toward safety.

Dead Heat at Sound & Fury
Dead Heat at Sound & Fury. Photo by Angela Owens.

Dallas, TX
A supergroup featuring members of Skourge, Power Trip, Impalers, and Creeping Death, this band is every bit as good as their personnel indicates. And then some.

New Jersey
Part stomping punk, part midtempo hardcore steamroller, and part Infest-y lightning-speed hate train, New Jersey’s faves have shoved their way onto the S&F stage through heavy touring, animalistic riffing, and a live show that is sharpened like those Japanese infomercial knives.

Washington, D.C.
Ned Russin’s current post-hardcore project explores indie, post-punk, and more with the same melodic sense that made Title Fight so great.

Van Nuys, CA
Brutal hardcore fronted by a beastman. Pray he doesn’t dive on you, but if he does, at least you’ll be all over TikTok!

God's Hate at Sound & Fury
God’s Hate at Sound & Fury. Photo by Angela Owens.

London, England
If Oasis was a punk band with a strong sense of melody and didn’t talk shit on other bands on the reg. But hey, they’re young and still have plenty of time to grow into that!

Tokyo, Japan
The self-described “disgusting” band mixes the most ignorant of all that is ignorant into a giant dum-dum stew of the stupid. These guys use every trick in the death metal, doom, hardcore, grind and D-beat book to piledrive their searing riffs into your cranial cavity. Fun band!

Los Angeles, CA
Featuring members of Rotting Out and Soul Search, it’s been some time since we last saw these sXe-ers in a live setting. Get ready for a high-octane destructive set of 1,000 mph hardcore punk.

New York, NY
Maybe the most interesting addition to the lineup, M/A have elements of noise rock or art rock, bolstered by a sick, one-of-a-kind live performance.

Trapped Under Ice at Sound & Fury
Trapped Under Ice at Sound & Fury. Photo by Angela Owens.

Redondo Beach, CA
Using ’90s alt as a jumping-off point, specifically the melodic fuzz found in everything from Dinosaur Jr. to Hum to Quicksand, these post-hardcore favorites have carved out their own universe with releases like this year’s From the Leaves of Your Garden.

Long Island, New York
Long Island hardcore that owes more to VOD and Neglect than to Brand New, the band mines groove-oriented hardcore with tons of breakdowns and an unquenchable bloodlust.

West Springfield, MA
Hardcore punk in the classic sense, nodding to everything from Circle Jerks to Life’s Blood to YDI to SSD in their modernized take on early-’80s hardcore punctuated by well-crafted songwriting.

Los Angeles, CA
The Runts sound the way hardcore punk is supposed to—a throwback to the classic speedy viciousness of the early ’80s, delivered with all the same urgency.

Truth Cult for Sound & Fury
Truth Cult for Sound & Fury. Photo by Angela Owens.

Columbus, OH
Basically a bunch of caveman breakdowns strewn together except more death metal. Be careful in the pit, that slippery floor could be either blood or drool!

Los Angeles, CA
Hardcore punk that relies on brutal death vocals, deathgrind sections, ’90s metallic groove, black metal elements, and a true sense of nihilism to create some of the most savage shit on the planet.

Houston, TX
Somewhere between Confusion and Darkside NYC, but with a modern twist and (somehow) even more gnarly. Could cause irreversible head trauma.

Los Angeles, CA
The reunion we’ve all been waiting for; the return of the ’90s-influenced favorites, back from a six-year hiatus. This time the guys have a new EP to pull from, believe it or not. Shit is gonna get messy.

Sydney, Australia
Remember all those videos from Sound & Fury last year? The Australian phenomenon from 2022 returns for a second round of hard-edged ’90s hardcore—and intense social media coverage.

San Francisco, CA
These hardcore punks fit comfortably in the school of bands that have caused a ruckus in recent years—your Hoax, Gag, and the like. And while their style is definitely familiar, it won’t spill any less blood on the dance floor.

Temple of Angels at Sound & Fury
Temple of Angels at Sound & Fury. Photo by Angela Owens.

Austin, TX
Led by the enchanting vocals of Bre Morell (also of Crushed), TOA lean on ’90s alternative from the Sundays to the Cure to make their heartbreaking melodies.

Baltimore, MD
Rare appearance from one of the best to do it. One chance to live—you gotta make it right.

Baltimore, MD
With moments of the Stooges, MC5, Fugazi, and even Dinosaur Jr, Truth Cult have carved out a truly unique niche for themselves with their latest smoke show on Pop Wig.

Los Angeles, CA
Take Roadrunner’s mid-’90s roster from NYC and blend it into a smoothie—you know, bands like Life of Agony, Biohazard, Type O Negative, and others, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Twitching Tongues are working with here.

Columbus, OH
Slammy, ignorant, and just plain ugly, this band features members of Sanguisugabogg and is basically the nasty reincarnation of brutal hardcore like Bulldoze, Breakdown, and Cold as Life.

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