This week’s Rock-a-Ramas were written by Mandy Brownholtz, Fred Pessaro, Zachary Lipez, and Maria Sherman. Read last week’s reviews here.

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L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation, W​.​A​.​R. In The Digital Realm
Last summer, when those of us who do not give a shit about prestige television were tricked into mainlining whatever new drama HBO Max had to offer to fuel our post-lockdown pandemic water cooler talk (bonus points awarded if the protagonist had a goofy ass accent, or some hot actor was made considerably less hot, for the capital-D Drama), I got sucked into Mare of Easttown. (Mostly because some of the many teens on the show were in a band that would only play Mannequin Pussy covers, and partially because when you live in Philadelphia for some time, “anything remotely related to Philly” becomes a superficial part of your personality. Until you die.) Anyway, one of the kids on this show had an amazing t-shirt collection of, like, mostly PA/Delco bands, but then also one sick L.O.T.I.O.N. shirt, New York’s preeminent Hackers-themed dystopic digital hardcore band, and I thought that was hard as hell. Not as hard as their new record, W.A.R. In the Digital Realm, but hard.

I give this 9 outta 10 jawns. The show gets, like, seven. I didn’t stick around to find out who killed whatsherface.—M.S.

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