NAME: Kat, Malachi, Cole, Bailey.

AGES: 24–27.

FROM: Santa Cruz/San Jose, Calif.

OCCUPATION: Living in a van

HOBBIES: Makeup; weed; reading; surfing; skating; record collecting

LAST BOOK YOU READ: In Defense of Ska and The Bell Jar.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Living in a van. “Breaking your fucking face tonight” at Madison Square Garden

QUOTE: “Eggs.”

PROFILE: Led by the raspy vocals of Kat Moss, Scowl take an approach that is almost entirely nihilistic, destructive hardcore punk, save for the wildly interesting nod to ’90s alt along the way. For fans of everything from Hoax to Agnostic Front, and all things snarling. Plus, if you like pop, there’s occasionally a real pretty Turnstile part.

Always say “Boy Howdy!”

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