spring is coming!

Our Spring 2023 issue arrives on March 15. Be on your best behavior.

Cover for CREEM's Spring 2023 issue featuring cover art by Foie Graphics

The cover!

We’ve been naughty…and we need to be punished.

The art of LA-based designer and musician Iphigenia (aka Foie Graphics, aka Foie Gras) drips with nihilism, subversion, and loads of dark humor.  So, when CREEM asked her to illustrate our Spring 2023 cover, she naturally took aim at portions of our “yikes did we really say that shit?!?” seventies-era. So, here’s to (consensual) domination, humiliation, and owning your history. 

By the way, do we get to keep the dog collar?

What's inside?

The Fifth Horseman
How to party your way into signing Metallica.
by Howie Abrams

Ride or Die
Into the darkness with Weyes Blood.
by Gracie Hadland

Billy Corgan Gives Good Zoom
A conversation about Atum, the Smashing Pumpkins’ three-way album.
by Jaan Uhelszki

End of the Road
Stricken with a rare disease, Peter Frampton may have played his final tour. Do you feel like we do?
by Jeff Slate

Paper Cuts
Andreia Lemos’ surreal portraits aren’t an LSD flashback, we promise.

Unwanted Thoughts
The slippery business of super-fucked-up record covers.
by Sam McPheeters

Tom Waits for No One
A musician’s attempt at understanding Ol’ Raspy and his annoying fans.
by Hether Fortune

The Best Boy Band Ever
Botch are back. Let the trolling begin.
by Fred Pessaro

Eleganza: The Big HA!
Clowncore is more than just the latest strange trend in music and fashion—it’s a lifestyle.
by Leah Mandel

Don’t Look Back in Anger
Remembering Britpop, the genre that was super into remembering stuff.
by Zachary Lipez

You Are What You Eat!
Tchotchke make power pop that’s as charming as a cute, small, decorative object...what are those called again?
by Grace Scott

Only Punks Are Pretty
An intimate look at decades of underground music.
words and photos by Martin Sorrondeguy

CREEM Dreem: Hurray for the Riff Raff
Road Trippin’ with Joey Santiago
Stars Cars: Ty Segall
Born to Booze
Litter Box
Greetings From Detroit
CREEM Profiles: Katy Kirby
Dusty Fingers
Soul Blind
Nerd Shit
Poison Ruin

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